egzema natural cosmetics

Egzema – what to do?

Dermatologists emphasize, that an important element of egzema treatment should be proper care with individually selected
dermocosmetics with moisturizing properties. They soothe the unpleasant dryness of the skin, and additionally – thanks to the

egzema natural cosmeticsappropriate lipid composition – help regenerate and strengthen the damaged epidermal barrier. Shea butter is perfect solution to create barrier on the skin and keep it moisture.

In eczema, the skin dries up “to a chip” and – as dermatologists say – “does not hold water”, which contributes to its increased
dryness. The basis for its protection – both during remission and exacerbation of the disease – is therefore the use of special care preparations.

In soothing skin lesions, American allergy societies recommend the use of preparations
with moisturizing and regenerating properties, creating a kind of protective barrier for the skin. By preventing a potential allergen from coming into contact with the epidermal surface, they reduce the risk of developing unpleasant skin lesions.

Using aleppo soap as gentle wash will help the skin heal.

Legendary Aleppo Soap

Often called a “PERFECT SOAP” and considering its excellent skincare properties it is an indisputable fact. The soap is made with three ingredients: laurel oil, olive oil and precisely 0.01% sodium derived from sea water.

Laurel oil – Natural antibiotic! It has strong antiseptic and moisturising properties. Effectively relieves skin ailments e.g., acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatosis and seborrhoea. Already millions of people around the world appreciate its healing properties.


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