Shampoo with no sls, natural shampoo, natural conditioner, shiny hair, healthy hair

Get a strong and healthy hair

Natural shampoo, natural hair mask, demage hair, healthy hair, strong hair, hair extensions Plants are the best!” – said Agnes, and munched on another lettuce leaf. She had just started a fruit and vegetable diet. At the same time she had been reading more and more about the properties of plants and the process of deriving plant extracts for body and hair care products. She had found both a baby nettle pesto and a kale and apple juice to be quite a surprise. Agnes wanted to try everything. All the news on how nourishing and healthy they are provided an additional benefit. It was well after midnight when Agnes wandered to the Amazon rainforests.
“Aw, I would love beautiful, long, thick hair like that” – she thought.
Now it’s possible! Discover “PRIMAL ENERGY OF THE AMAZON RAINFORESTS” – a new series of shampoos and hair masks.Shampoo with no sls, natural shampoo, natural conditioner, shiny hair, healthy hair

Organic shampoo and hair mask with Pracaxi and Annatto oil for damaged and dry hair caused by colouring and styling.
It owes its extremely strong nourishing and conditioning properties to Pracaxi seed oil that regenerates and restores dry and damaged hair fibres. The shampoo prevents static in hair and makes them visibly healthier. Distilled water with ecological lavender and camomile extract makes hair extremely shiny and soft. The combination of Annatto extract (a plant from the Amazon jungle), ceramides pressed from sunflower seeds and distilled water with organic camomile refreshes the hair colour.
The mask complements the shampoo and enhances the effects achieved during washing. The combined activity of Annatto extract, ceramides, organic macadamia oil and Pracaxi seed oil with double strength protects the hair colour .Its intensity, repairs hair from the inside, moisturises the scalp, prevents irritations and flaking. Your hair has never been so shiny!

Organic shampoo and hair mask with Acai and Indian Kino Tree for
weak, brittle, splitting hair and hair loss.
The shampoo has been designed on a base of green tea and cornflower hydrolate in order to strengthen your hair from its follicles to the ends and to prevent hair loss. This is a real vitamin bomb that will bring your dull hair back to life. A revitalising and nourishing extract from Acai berries, rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it restores hair structure from the inside, improving its strength and vitality. Natural amino acids in combination with organic macadamia oil, olive oil, marine glycogen and extract from the Pterocarpus Marsupium (known as the Indian Kino Tree) that grows in India and Nepal, supports the regeneration process of the hair fibres, stimulates the follicles, moisturises the skin and nourishes the hair.
The innovative mask stimulates, regenerates and restores the connective tissue of delicate and weak hair, making them significantly stronger. The extremely rich, organic plant complex makes your hair immune to those external factors that are the main cause of brittle hair.

Healthy hair, natural shampoo, natural conditionerVOLUME, STRENGTH, PROTECTION
Organic shampoo and hair mask with maracuyá, baobab and Acai berries intended for thin, weak and lacking volume hair.

The combination of maracuyá, baobab and Acai extracts intensively strengthens the hair structure giving them more volume and stimulating growth. The baobab leaf extract, organic olive oil and macadamia oil deeply moisturise the scalp and hair from the follicle to the ends. It provides a protective barrier against free radicals, external weather factors and impurities. The innovative use of emulsion (alternative to silicones) made of Acai berries and maracuyá seed oil, enhanced by organic calendula and distilled lavender water helps eliminate dry skin, increase volume and shine.
The mask complements the shampoo and enhances the effects achieved during washing. It strengthens the structure of thin, delicate hair, increases volume thanks to use of baobab leaf, maracuyá seed oil and Acai berry extract. It untangles hair.

An organic shampoo and hair mask based on thyme and lemon water with Copaiba, Andolba, Acai and Brazilian nut oil for oily hair.

The shampoo contains exceptional seboregulating ingredients, such as Copaiba, Andolba, Acai and Brazilian nut oils. It cleanses gently, but extremely effectively, stimulates cell regeneration, eliminates any changes and irritations that cause oily hair. Organic distilled thyme and lemon waters cleanses hair, preparing it for the nourishing and moisturising effect of organic olive and macadamia oils. It does not weigh your hair down. A special, light conditioner based on organic thyme and lemon water enriched with precious oils: Copaiba, Andiroba, Acai and Brazilian nut oils. It complements the antiseptic properties of the shampoo and enhances the seboregulating effects achieved during washing. It degreases hair, nourishes and makes hair soft and shiny. It untangles hair.

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