Gift set of natural cosmetics chosen with care.

An affordable gift is not a problem, when it’s unique and chosen with care.

Have you ever had no idea what gift to buy? Did you want to surprise your mum or friend, but didn’t know how to do it? The large selection of natural care products offered by Francis’ Soap Shop helps you create a unique gift set that would surprise anyone. It is important that every gift set is tailored to the needs of the person who will receive it. Here are some suggestions for everyone – wrapping is always FREE ūüôā



Argan Serum with Damascus Rose.
Rose Hydrolate. Face cream with Donkey Milk.
   Kiwi Algue Mask

Insufficiently moisturized skin ages quicker. Take care of it now by choosing afforable, natural and organic care products with Damascus Rose. An intensively moisturizing serum on the basis of argan oil and damascus rose it provides a necessary dose of hydration to dry and sensitive skin. Best used in the evening on its own or as a compress under an algae mask with kiwi Рit will enhance the nourishing effect and hydrate skin for a long time. Rose hydrolate is a perfect complement for the refreshment of your skin during the day. Used directly on the skin, it increases its hydration by as much as 32%. For comprehensive care Рduring the day apply the intensively moisturizing face cream with donkey milk, argan oil and hyaluronic acid on the face, neck and neckline. This combination of skin care products will meet the needs of the most demanding dry  and sensitive skin.



Jojoba oil. Aleppo Soap.
Lavender Hydrolate.
Anti-acne Algae Mask.

Oily skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed not only in the evening. but also in the morning. To remove the remaining layer of sebum and dead skin cells use Aleppo soap to wash your face. It contains laurel oil that has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Regularly used it eliminates acne and cleanses the skin pores. Remember to use toner after washing your face lavender hydrolate will restore the skin’s natural pH. It will make skin pores less visible and relieve inflammations. It makes a perfect base for oil skin care. Apply jojoba oil overnight recommended for oily and combination skin. It is called an intelligent 011 since it adapts to the skins needs. Applied in the evening, it works during the day. It regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, is light and does not clog skin pores. Once a week, for better results, apply on top of the oil an anti acne algae mask. It contains menthol and tea tree oil which have refreshing and antibacterial properties.



Fig Opuntia Oil. Fig Opuntia Face Cream.
Lifting soap Wardi Shan.
Hibiscus Algae Mask.

The skin can mature at the age of 45 or sooner,¬†depending on individual factors. Mature skin is easy to spot: it lacks elasticity. is dry, dull, wrinkled and tired. The loss of suppleness changes the facial shape. The cheeks, the corners of the eyes and the lips drop. This is caused by a decreased production of collagen, slower cell metabolism and the skin’s poor ability to renew itself. This is why it is so difficult to care for it. There is a solution Fig opuntia oil. Called a natural botox, it effectively smooths face lines and improves skin density. For use on its own in the evening, and in the morning, packaged in a cream formula, enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid. This night day treatment perfectly meets the needs of mature skin. To wash your face, use the lifting soap Wardi Shan that restores skin elasticity even in the most sensitive places like the neck or neckline.


Acai Berry Oil.
Immortelle Face Cream. Neroli Hydrolate.
Algae Mask with Blueberries.

Capillaries skin is extremely sensitive. The skin is very thin and quickly reacts to changing external factors, in particular weather. such as wind, frost, sun and humidity. Thankfully, visibility of unwanted redness can be reduced by the correct skin care and beauty treatments. We recommend Acai Berry Oil rich in vitamin B and antioxidants to be used overnight. 1! reinforces blood vessels walls. neutralises redness, and at the same time, gives your skin an even tone and radiance. Immortelle Face Cream would be a perfect complement during the day. Rich in musk rose, golden everlasting and pelargonium it seals the blood vessels and protects against further breakage. Bitter Orange Hydrolate mix with Blueberry Algae Mask this simple treatment will complement your skin care and provide immediate relief for your skin.

For Men

Shaving Soap. Badger Hair Shaving Brush.
After shave Lotion.
Eau de toilette Monsieur Mister.

Something for men a perfect set for shaving and skin hydration. Shaving soap, created on the basis of palm oil and plant glycerine, enriched with the highest quality argan oil. They give the soap strengthening and anti-ageing properties already at the shaving stage. Its perfect companion, a badger hair shaving brush, additionally massages the skin during shaving. After shaving apply the soothing after shave lotion with allantoin and panthenol. These two ingredients will soothe irritations and micro damage caused by shaving. The lotion also contains argan oil that will complement its anti ageing and moisturizing properties. It can also be used as a light face cream. The last but not least component of the gift set, eau de toilette Monsieur Mister, a combination of mint, citrus and woody notes is an expression of the highest elegance.


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