natural bb cream

Natural make up the most wanted cosmetics nowadays- bb cream!

Natural BB cream a perfect combination , for natural skin care and make up.


It moisturises, protects, subtly corrects and improves skin tone.


Why are our BB face creams considered the best?

L’ORIENT BB face cream have been recognized as a unique natural skin care product since their launch. What is the secret of their success? Without a doubt it has been their unique composition that makes them suitable for skin care and make up. Their innocent looking little tubes combine multiple properties – they moisturize even out the skin tone,  brighten,  reduce imperfections and protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation. If they are not in your make-up bag get them now! We will be happy to advice you how to use than correctly, so they  become your favorite one!

BB face cream for skin care

We carefully selected the highest quality extracts from the Kakadu plum and oats, together with a Musk Rose body skin care oil, to form a nourishing base. They are sources of vitamin C and E for your skin that intensively moisturize the skin, even out the skin tone, brighten discolorations and restore its natural glow.

The cream has the pleasant consistency of a light lotion and is very well absorbed by the skin. It does not leave an oily layer or a mask effect on the skin. Its natural pigment makes your skin looking perfect while retaining a natural effect. It will delight all fans of MAKE UP NO MAKE UP!

natural bb creamHow to choose a L’ORIENT BB face cream??

L’ORIENT BB face creams are available in three shades (carefully selected for skin shades from our geographical region) you can choose one for your skin type and shade.

Light shade -porcelain complexion as in Snow While.

Dark shade- essential for summer and for a tanned-skin effect. It can be combined in the right proportions with other skin products, e.g., a foundation, lightener or concealer for spectacular contouring results that will make your features look slimmer and beautiful.

Medium shade – beige tone, perfect for eastern European skin type. It can be used on its own, when you want to achieve a natural effect, invisible to the naked eye.

How to use L’ORIENT  BB cream?

Always apply the BB cream on cleansed skin. You can apply it using a special sponge, brush or finger tips. For dry and very dry skin you can use an additional layer of moisturizing cream underneath. For normal and combination skin you can apply on its own for best results. Remember to seal (as when using a foundation) the final make-up effect with some face powder for longer lasting concealing results.

BB face cream as a base under a foundation.

The best feature of this product is that it can be used as a base under a foundation. It is perfect when you need a double strength to conceal visible skin imperfections. Choose the Light Version that works as a concealer,  and once absorbed apply your favorite foundation. If you do not want to use a foundation at all, once the first layer of the BB cream is absorbed, a second layer can be applied.


To test the colour of the BB cream massage it into the skin. At first  it might  seem too light/dark, only

once absorbed the cream will highlight the natural tone of your skin.


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