Natural oil mouthwash


Brightening cleansing ritual

-is a 15 day treatment that allows you to maintain oral health, and at the same time an effective method of cleansing the body of toxins. The rinse is used to remove harmful bacteria, fungi and other unfriendly organisms from the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat. This will help you get rid of them before they stay in your body for good.

Discover the benefits of using L’ORIENT Cleansing Ritual“Secret of Ayurveda”.

Teeth whitening

Before you try chemical substances for teeth whitening, try the natural method, which is characterized by natural antibiotic and antiviral properties, thanks ta which it brightens and cleans teeth, keeping their pearly white. Apply for the next two weeks, and you will certainly notice the difference. If you lack motivation, look at the smile of Gwyneth Paltrow, who is known for practicing mouthwash with oil every morning.

It increases energy

When our immune system is delegated to work on the treatment of toxic waste from our body, our energy levels drop. Removal of harmful microorganisms in the initial stage of their entry into the body, reduces the amount of work that our body must do. Less work,  more energy.

 Cleans from toxins

Germs in the body are like poison, which in turn causes inflammation and leads to disease. Toxins get into the body through the mouth. Our product is a great way to remove toxins at the source.

Natural mouth wash, natural cosmetics irelandSupports hormonal balance

Without the need to compete with foreign, unfriendly substances, hormones can behave in the right way, functioning in full capacity

It reduces headaches

When we are subjected to long-term stress, headaches and migraines appear with time. This is the natural way in which the body signals the need to “cool down”. By eliminating bacteria from our body, we can avoid a headache or eliminate an existing one.

Cleans the skin

The benefits of mouthwash oil also apply to our skin. Removal of toxins from the body that would otherwise enter the bloodstream, have a positive effect on the condition of our skin. Getting rid of them makes the skin better nourished and regains its shine. Skin problems and eczemas often lose strength, and under favorable conditions disappear completely.

Helps oral hygiene

When brushing your teeth, we only clean it in a small percentage. The remains of food are not completely removed. Rinsing the mouth with oil is a perfect complement to the daily oral hygiene. because it helps to git ride of what the toothbrush and toothpaste did not handle.

How to use?

Squeeze the sachet of oil into your mouth and rinse your teeth and gums for about 10-15 minutes, trying to reach all corners of the mouth. To fully use the potential of oil, try to “suck” the oil so that it passes between the interdental spaces. During this time, you can read, take a shower or do other things that do not require speaking. After this time, spit oil out and rinse your mouth with water. Do not swallow! The rinse is not a substitute for toothpaste.

The rinse is available in 3 types:


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