Natural cosmetics which heal your skin.

Natural Cosmetics and their power for HEALING


There is only one place on Earth, where salt crystals create unique structures on the beaches.

This is where the  salt with exceptional healing and beauty care properties comes from the Dead Sea region.

Dead Sea is the largest natural SPA in the world, every year thousands of tourists travel there to take care of their health and beauty.

With L’ORIENT cosmetics you can enjoy luxurious Dead Sea salt treatment in your own bathroom.

Dermo cosmetics

Power of Minerals

Power of Minerals line -unique series of products with a high concentration of active ingredients, prepared by a team of dermatologists and cosmetologists.

Dermo cosmetics are tested not only in laboratories, but also directly on people with sensitive skin.

Their power and delicacy are due to the lack of allergy-inducing substances, unnecessary dyes and high concentration of vitamins and plant derived ingredients with a confirmed soothing effect.

Try: day and night cream, eye cream, moisturizing cream, nutritional mineral serum, shampoo and hair mask, body lotion.

Home SPA

Brine salt peeling is an intensive cleansing and mineralizing treatment for the body.

Removes dead skin, improves blood circulation and oxygenation. As disinfectant is useful  in the treatment of skin diseases.

In addition strong salt exfoliation is helpful with  rough and heavily thickened skin fragments  (knees, feet, elbows). Making them silky smooth.


100% pure Dead Sea salt

with exceptional healing and therapeutic properties. It contains about 40 minerals and trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body including magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, iron and others.

 Bath in salt from the Dead Sea:

  •  improves blood circulation.
  •  accelerates the metabolism,
  •  deeply moisturizes.
  •  effectively relieves rheumatic and arthritis pain, post traumatic pain, muscle tension.
  •  eliminates skin irritation and soothes symptoms of allergies, eczema, acne and psoriasis.
  •  perfectly removes fatigue, relaxes and calms,
  •  regular brine baths support slimming treatments. reduce the effect of orange peel” and stretch marks,

Use: about 100 g of salt pour into the tub and dissolve in warm water. Soak in the bath for 20-30 minutes.


Mineral black mud

Dead Sea mud is a natural sludge with the consistency of wet clay. The combination of minerals and elements found in the Dead Sea water and organic substances creates a wonderful cosmetic with very diverse properties.

Thanks to active ingredients, it revitalizes and deeply cleanses the skin of toxins, acts as a delicate peeling, thoroughly removing dead epidermal cells. Black mud is a great ally in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

It supports slimming treatments. which in effect gives a tight, firm, velvety and smooth skin.

Use: After the shower or bath, apply a thin layer of mud and leave for about 20 minutes. To strengthen the effect wrap the selected body parts with food wrap and achieve additional thermal effect.


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