Savon Noir- black soap from Morocco

Savon noir what is it?

Used and loved by millions of women around the world. Known for its effectiveness and deep cleansing properties. Essential for a Hammam ritual a ceremony traditionally performed in a steamy public bathhouse that aims to deeply cleanse the body and sooth the soul at the same time. A hero in your bathroom Savon noir beldi.

The Ottoman Turks took over the hammam ritual from the Romans, adapting the tradition of common baths of Roman bathhouses to their own needs. We too are more and more willing to be inspired by exotic cultures in our every-day body care. And you do not even need to go to Turkey or Morocco to use the benefits offered by nature. By getting Savon Nair Beldi from Francis’s Soap Shop, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Savon Noir is made by a process of combining soaped olive oil and black olive paste. The product has the consistency of a thick paste that when combined with water foams and soaps. What is interesting, is that it is not actually black, as its name suggests. Savon Noir is brown with a tint of amber, and when applied on the skin, it becomes totally transparent.

Savon Noir can be used for cleansing your face and body.

Body cleansing

natural exfoliator, kessa glow

The best results can be achieved when used with a Kessa glove. It’s made from a grained, elastic fabric that adapts to the shape of your hand. A skin exfoliation made with Savon Noir and Kessa glove is called gommage. To perform gommage, take a warm shower or bath, then apply Savon Noir on your wet skin and leave for as long as you wish up to a maximum of 10 minutes. During this time, the product is absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, removes impurities and deeply moisturises. Massage your skin with circular movements starting with your limbs towards the heart. You will be surprised by the results, this treatment will make your skin perfectly cleansed, soft, toned and moisturised. Savon Noir can also be used as a body wash, without the Kessa glove. Just swap your usual shower gel or soap for Savon Noir. Great for shaving too.

Face cleansing

It is amazing how effectively Savon Noir eliminates blocked skin pores and blackheads, lightens discolorations and makes your skin radiant. Perfect for sensitive skin, with spider veins and even with acne. Just leave it on your skin for approx. 1 minute, and you will enjoy a radiant skin and results similar to a professional beauty treatment. Why? Savon Nair, just like an enzymatic exfoliator, dissolves dead skin cells, deeply cleanses skin pores, oxygenates and moisturises the skin. It is worth remembering this, especially when SMOG levels are dangerously high. Skin exposed to polluted air becomes more sensitive and ages faster. Savon Noir is simply an ideal product for today!

What are the effects and properties of Savon Noir?

  •  cleansing– deep cleansing of the skin from all types of impurities and toxins is one of the most important properties of Savon Noir. It unclogs the skin pores, helps remove impurities th

    at prevent the skin from breathing and affect its functioning.

  •  exfoliating -applied on the skin works like an enzymatic exfoliator removes dead epidermis. softens and prepares the skin for further skin treatments, helping the skin absorb the substances from creams, lotions. oils and other care products with moisturising, nourishing and regenerative properties.
  • nourishing- an injection of hydration for the skin, it provides precious nutrients found in olive oil and black olives, including vitamin E with protective and anti-oxidising properties.
  • oxygenating- Savon Noir in contact with the skin unclogs the pores and removes impurities helping it breath, which improves the functioning of its internal processes.
  •  moisturising- softening and regulating softens the skin, improves its level of hydration, regulates the secretion of sebum and relieves inflammation.

Besides the obvious benefits of Savon Noir’s properties and effects, it is worth noting that it is a product with a natural and very simple composition and great efficiency (especially, when used for skin cleansing only). It can be used for all skin types, even skin prone to allergies. The popularity of the traditional Savon Noir results without a doubt from its action, which you can easily discover by including it in your daily care routine. This is definitely one of the best (and most importantly most natural) ways to achieve smooth,well cleansed, supple and soft skin.

If you like make up then it is great for cleansing your brushes.

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