apple stem cells cream, anti agening cream

Skincare for mature skin – Swiss apple stem cells

Intensive care for mature skin.

Swiss apple stem cells by Lorient

A breakthrough series of lifting and regenerating products which apple stem cells cream, anti agening creamwas created thanks to the achievements of biotechnology and cosmetology.

It uses the power of plant stem cells to protect and rebuild the deep layers of mature skin.

The skin looks fresh, firm and elastic – younger, naturally!

PhytoCellTecM Malus Domestica are patented cultures of plant stem cells enclosed in liposomes, derived from a rare variety of Swiss apple trees:

* restore skin firmness and elasticity,

• protect skin stem cells,

• visibly delay the aging process,

* support regenerative processes,

* ensure a youthful appearance and vitality.

Try it out: night cream, day cream, intensive face serum.
Feed tour skin with natural products!

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