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Why You Should Get Rid of Chemicals and Use Natural Cosmetics

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Why You Should Get Rid of Chemicals and Use Natural Cosmetics 

In our modern day, we’re all constantly obsessing over the latest beauty fads and newest skincare and makeup techniques out there, but new doesn’t always mean better. As you may know, harsh harmful chemicals are becoming increasingly present in the products we use on a daily basis, so are these new formulas really better? 


Sometimes, it’s better to take things back to the basics and resort to natural products instead. Here’s why you should eliminate chemicals from your beauty routine and opt for natural cosmetics. 


They’re safer for your skin 

The first, and arguably one of the most compelling, argument for using natural cosmetics is in regard to their safety. When using natural products on the skin, you can be sure that they’re safe for your skin and aren’t going to cause any damage. 


While most manufactured products can contain harsh ingredients and chemicals which strip the skin or damage its moisture barrier, natural products are generally safer in this aspect. Not to mention, if something is good enough to put in your body, it’s good enough for your skin, too. 


And they’re safer for your health 

Of course, safety for your skin is important, but the effect that these products have on the rest of your body is major, too. There’s no point in having good skin if your body is suffering because of ingredients in your products. 


There have been countless studies linking dangerous chemicals found in many of our cosmetics to diseases and complications. But, once again, if your cosmetics contain ingredients that are safe enough to eat, how can you go wrong? 



Environmentally friendly

As well as the benefit these products have on ourselves, it’s also worth considering the benefit they have on the planet. Natural products these days tend to be sustainably harvested and collected, and they’re often less damaging for the environment than their manufactured counterparts. 


For example, microplastics found in cosmetics are notorious for the damage they have had on the environment, and a natural alternative, such as sugars in body scrubs, has no effect on the planet at all. 


Natural products are effective 

It’s widely believed that the shampoos with the biggest lather have the most effective clean, although this isn’t true, and the lather doesn’t actually affect how well it cleans your hair. Instead, the lather usually comes from a harsh additive known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is only present for psychological purposes – making you think you’ve washed your hair better. 

This is just one example of how additional chemicals don’t always make a product more effective, and the most popular products on the market rely on natural extracts and ingredients to work the way they do. However, ingredients such as fruits and plants are rich in antioxidants – one of the most effective types of ingredients in the cosmetics industry. You don’t need chemical additives to get good results. 

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