Who doesn’t like coconut oil?


Tamanu oil- Natural coconut oil- 4 times stronger then the one we use for our beauty needs

I was enchanted not only by the scent but also by the beauty of Tahitian Gardenia. A delicate, subtle, absolute wonder. Until this day I remember how wonderful my skin looked. Smooth, soft, as if it was ironed. I had only just got back from French Polynesia. I decided to present all the women at home with Monoti Tiare oils. They looked at me smiling. I didn’t know what they meant.

You can buy it now at Francis’s Soap Shop they said. This Francis must really know what’s good – I thought.


MONOI Oil is made as a result of  soaking (maceration) the petals of  Tahitian gardenias (best known as  Tiaré flowers) in cold-pressed coconut oil. These exotic flowers with a hypnotising scent are adored in TAHITI island, usually worn on the ear during important ceremonies. Apart from alluring notes they also have medicinal properties: relieving headaches, earaches, healing wounds, and they have anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties.

Recent studies have confirmed the knowledge passed down from previous generations of Tahitians when they found e.g., methyl salicylate in the Tahitian Gardenia, which has anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties. Prior to the manufacturing of the natural MONOI oil the Tiaré flowers are hand-picked in the morning and then laid unopened in coconut oil -another treasure of the Pacific Islands (cold pressed and gently cleansed) for 15 days in order to absorb the full aroma and properties of the flowers. The specific production process is secret and controlled. MONOI oil accompanies the people of Polynesia from infancy until late old age and legends state that it is the secret of the local girls’ beautiful skin and luxuriant hair.


  • A long-lasting moisturising, toning and smoothing panacea for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Restores and regenerates damaged skin and hair.
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory –  perfect after sunbathing, for insect  bites and small wounds.
  • Does not cause allergies and irritations- perfect for children and very sensitive skin.
  • Protective- protects the skin and hair against external factors: pollution, sun, sea water, wind and frost.
  • Cleansing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.

MONOI oil is easily absorbed by the skin, thus it is perfect for the face, lips, eye area, and neckline instead of an everyday- cream used regularly it guarantees smooth, hydrated, radiant skin without wrinkles for many years.

NOTE! Genuine and naturally scented MONOI oil solidifies at room temperature. There are many fakes, which have constant liquid consistency, available on the market.


Below 20°C- creamy, solid butter

Above 20°C- liquid, light-yellow oil  (changes in consistency do not affect the product’s durability).

Scent: delicate scent of the Tahitian Gardenia flowers.




Pure MONOI oil


This is a product With the same properties as pure MONOI oil (please see description above), enriched with the warm, sunny fragrance of Tiaré flowers. Tiaré is a natural fragrance combination [here are no industrial tree plantations in French Polynesia.


This is a product with properties similar to pure MONOI oil, enriched with the sensual fragrance of the Sandalwood tree and natural Sandalwood tree oil, which in French Polynesia is the second most popular ingredient, after Tiara flowers, used in the production of MONOI oil (Latin- santalum-holly oil).

Sandalwood MONOI is recommended as a massage oil which soothes stress, relieves anxieties, and its antiseptic and disinfectant properties are effective in the care of problematic skin prone to acne (it regulates the seborrheic gland function) while retaining all the virtues of MONOI oil.


This is a product with almost identical properties as pure MONOI oil (please see description above), enriched with the luxurious, exotic fragrance of Tipanier tree flowers. The Tipanier tree is found everywhere in French Polynesia, covered in delicate, exotic flowers with white and red petals and a delightful aroma, described as “the mother of all perfumes”, known as Frangipani (Plumeria).

The fragrance of Frangipani flowers is considered an aphrodisiac, valued for its beneficial effect on general wellbeing and soothing emotions. Frangipani flowers essence also has conditioning, healing and inflammation soothing properties and for centuries has been used in traditional Polynesian medicine.


This is a product that combines the amazing moisturising and soothing properties of MONOI oil and the antioxidant and medicinal properties of TAMANU oil. Tamanu is a tree growing on the beaches of French Polynesia. Pure, cold-pressed and 100% natural, it is derived from sun-dried ballnuts. The oil is highly valued due to its precious properties:

  • It is considered to be a strong antioxidant: it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and eliminates free radicals responsible for ageing of the skin.
  • It prevents the appearance of stretch marks, intensively regenerates cells, reduces scars and new stretch marks.
  • It has unusual healing properties.

The combination of two extraordinary oils guarantees amazing effects on your skin.

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