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Why Aleppo Soap is so good?

What is Aleppo

aleppo saop ireland


Aleppo soap is, of course, soap: the stuff you wash with. It’s a hard soap made from olive oil and lye, like Castile soap from Spain.

But Aleppo soap is made with an extra-special ingredient that takes it to another level: oil of bay laurel. This precious oil, derived from laurel trees (like bay leaves), acts as a gentle cleanser and is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

How Aleppo Soap is made?

Traditional Aleppo soap is made by the “hot process”. First, the olive oil is brought into a large, in-ground vat along with water and lye. Underneath the vat, there is an underground fire that heats the contents to a boil. Boiling lasts three days while the oil reacts with the lye and water to become a thick liquid soap.

The laurel oil is added at the end of the process, and after it is mixed in, the mix is taken from the vat and poured over a large sheet of waxed paper on the floor of the factory. At this point, the soap is a large, green, flat mass, and it is allowed to cool down and harden for about a day. While the soap is cooling, workers with planks of wood strapped to their feet walk over the soap to try to smooth out the batch and make it an even thickness.

The soap is then cut into cubes. The cubes of soap are stacked in staggered cylinders to allow maximum air exposure. Once they have dried sufficiently, they are put into a special subterranean chamber to be aged for six months to a year. While it is aging, the soap goes through several chemical changes. The free alkaline content of the soap (the alkaline which did not react with the oil during saponification) breaks down upon slow reaction with air. The moisture content of the soap is also reduced, making the soap hard and long-lasting. And lastly, the color of the outside of the soap turns pale gold, while the inside remains green.


egzema natural cosmeticsWhy so special ?

Antiseptic, soothing, emollient, moisturising, and hypoallergenic, Aleppo soap is full of benefits for your skin. True Aleppo soap is made with 100% natural products. Beware of counterfeits which may include additives that are aggressive to the skin.  Composed only of olive oil, bay laurel oil, natural soda and water, Aleppo soap is perfect for beauty fans looking to avoid artificial preservatives.

Who can use it ?

Aleppo soap is ideal for all skin types, even babies. Traditional Aleppo soap in bars (recognisable by its green / brown colour and its recognisable traditional stamp) is preferable to liquid versions that are less concentrated and don’t provide as much moisture to the skin.

What are the key benefits & uses of Aleppo soap ?

  • Moisturiser

The primary property of Aleppo soap is to deeply moisturise the skin. Recommended by most dermatologists, thanks to its natural composition, Aleppo soap is suitable for all skin types, whether healthy or problematic.

  • Psoriasis & Eczema

Aleppo soap can help relieve itching for those suffering from psoriasis, acne, and eczema because it will help hydrate the skin. The combination of olive oil and bay laurel oil will help your skin regain suppleness and softness, giving skin a more youthful look.

  • Solid Shampoo anti-dandruff

Aleppo soap can also serve as an anti-dandruff shampoo, helping to moisturise the scalp to limit flaking.

  • Face Mask

Placed on the face while allowing it to dry, Aleppo soap makes an excellent mask to minimise imperfections and rejuvenate tired complexions.

  • Shaving Bar

Aleppo soap makes a perfect shaving foam because it facilitates the gliding of the razor and hydrates skin that has been subjected to razor burn.

We think everyone should have at least 1 bar of this  at home!

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