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Why should we use organic beauty products?

People are continuously getting aware and are now starting to follow the organic path to rejuvenate the youthful skin and to keep the inner glow intact. Most of us look at our health in terms of a balanced diet & regular exercise. Of course, these things are immensely valuable, but what about the products we are using on our bodies?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it absorbs almost everything you put onto it. The average person lathers & sprays at least 8-10 different beauty products onto their skin every day and unknowingly exposes themselves to a wide variety of unnecessary chemicals, almost 60% of which eventually make their way into our bloodstream.

If you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, choosing organic and natural beauty products that are eco-friendly should be a priority.

Organic Beauty Products - Francis Soap Shop

Here are the top reasons why:


Absorption or exposure of chemicals on the skin throughout the day is more likely to cause cancer. The chemicals hold power to penetrate the skin cells and damage them from the depths.

But, organic beauty products tend to reach the depths of the skin and provide strength to the roots, along with repairing the damaged cells.

Organic beauty products are undergoing a revolution that will inevitably change the face of beauty products across the globe. If you’re a beauty enthusiast or aspiring beautician, organic products should be your go-to destination.


Chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers in beauty products can cause irritation, redness & breakouts. Plus, you might be among those who are allergic to chemicals commonly found in conventionally produced products. Natural makeup, skincare products, and body products work wonders for your skin instead of against it.

Unnecessary rashes on your skin & other body parts are often the first signs of harmful chemicals in your beauty products or cosmetics. Also, prolonged use of synthetic products can lead to serious skin concerns. Customers like you, and I also fall prey to the wrongful advertisement and use a specific product that makes them suffer from skin irritation, chronic headaches, breathing disabilities, hormone disruption, cancers, and several other ranges of symptoms.


Cheap and easy to produce ingredients are always competing to find their way into our shelves and censure the organic products. Try to think about the last commercial you watched about any beauty or skincare product. They all promise to do wonders like making your wrinkles less visible, disappearing sunspots, magically fading the blemishes, and more!

But the truth is that there are no quick fixes in life. Be it asphyxiation of the skin, accelerated dehydration, or photosensitivity; organic beauty products will get you optimum results. It will take some time, though, unlike synthetic products.


Artificial fragrances are specially designed to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in traditional beauty products. So, there you have a chemical to cover up other chemicals, and the smell of all these chemicals can cause headaches in many people. Organic beauty products are natural and therefore smell like their natural ingredients, not a cocktail of chemicals. Organic beauty products scented with natural essential oils are also known for providing aromatherapy.


Beauty Products made with natural materials consist of antioxidants and other mineral-rich substances that provide sun-shielding benefits. Choosing the right product will help you maintain a gentler skin tone. There’s nothing more beautiful than your skin naturally glowing and softer in winter and even during the harsh summer days!


Think about all the products we use every day that come in contact with our skin – makeup, fragrances, soaps, moisturizers, mouth wash, bathing accessories, and so on. It is not only what we eat but also what we put on our skin matters! Everything we ever need to stay healthy and happy has already been created for us, for example, Aloe Vera, natural face oils, etc.

So, at Francis Soap Shop, you can purchase a bunch of organic beauty products. Rest assured, you’ll only get organic beauty products that obtain their ingredients from Fair Trade sources or local farms and suppliers. So invest in your health today and make the change to organic beauty products if you haven’t already.

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