Wild Shea butter – natural protection for your skin

Shea butter– the fruit of Holy tree of the African tribes


The African Shea Tree (Butyrosyernnuu pnrkii) is a long-living tree, 10-15 m in height, growing in the wild areas of Central and Western Africa. Their first fruit appear after 20-30 years, they are edible and used for pressing to derive the butter. They effectively relieve most kinds of dermatosis. The Karité tree is worshipped by the native people of Africa; it feeds, heals and is used in local rituals.


The butter called Karité, Galam or Shea is the most universal skin care ingredient of natural origin. It is well tolerated by the skin, safe for newborns and people with allergies.

  • moisturises– effectively moisturises the skin of the entire body, also the sensitive skin of the eyes, mouth, hands and feet,
  •  protects– a perfect barrier product it isolates dry or damaged skin from irritating external factors, including frost, sun, detergents,
  •  tones and firms -recommended for stretch marks and cellulite, great for the pregnancy bump, improves the skin elasticity and reduced facial lines,
  • brightens -discolorations for use on all pigmentation changes.



Would you like a relaxing spa treatment in your own bathroom? Add a spoonful of natural shea butter to your bath and it will effectively moisturise and soothe your body.

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