Volcanic Pumice Stone


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The Volcanic Pumice Stone is made from durable material perfect for exfoliating. Pumice is a volcanic magma rock built from porous volcanic glass formed from strongly aerating and foaming lava. It has a glassy, fine-grained structure, and is frequently light-coloured. Its chemical ingredients include quartz, plagioclase, and biotite. Volcanic pumice is perfectly suitable for removing calloused epidermis and corns. Its quality helps remove the most stubborn grime. Plus it does not react with body care products so use it with any other shower gel or soap bar.


  • Formed from clean, natural resources, it does not cause any allergies
  • Size perfect for grip: 8-10cm
  • Long and rouch with oval shape
  • Lasts entire lifetime

Cleaning Instructions: 

At least once a month, leave your pumice overnight in a cup with salt water, as it becomes dirty which leads to fast bacteria growth.


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