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Avocado Oil 50ml


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Our Avocado Oil is a green vitamin bomb! It is derived from avocado fruits growing in a tropical and subtropical climate of the Americas. The avocados soft flesh wrapped in the green skin contains over 20% of oil, which is cold-pressed and unrefined and becomes an invaluable cosmetic ingredient. Avocado oil is recommended for mature, lacking elasticity and radiance as well as dry skin with fluid imbalance. The oil is high in chlorophyll, a strong antioxidant, which protects elastic fibres against the breakdown, making your skin toned and firm. It is known as a 7-vitamin oil (A, B, D, E, H, K, PP) with strong regenerative and nourishing properties. Avocado oil is also perfect for dry and damaged hair.


  • Improves the regeneration of a protective barrier of the epidermis
  • Creates liposomes which retains water
  • Natural promoter of absorption
  • Makes skin toned and firm
  • Gives hair shine and elasticity


  • Patch testing recommended
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all skin types especially dry skin prone to premature ageing

How to Use: 

SKIN – Apply with a cotton pad or fingers onto skin before moisturizer.

HAIR – This oil retains its properties in warm conditions, therefore is ideal to be used as a compress for split ends or on the entire length of hair. Apply a small amount of oil to damp hair. dry a little with a hairdryer for better absorption by hair follicles, leave for 15 minutes and wash.


Ingredients: organic virgin avocado oil

Capacity: 50ml


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