Exfoliant Kessa Glove


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Our Exfoliant Kessa Glove is a traditional glove from Hammam used with black soap, Savon Noir or Ghassoul Clay, which deeply cleanses the skin from dead epidermis and other impurities. Simply use it in the shower or when you’re taking a bath. The glove is durable and gentle on the skin. It’s better than the standard sponges.


  • Gives you silky-soft skin
  • Deeply exfoliation and gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Prepares the skin for cream, oil, or lotion application
  • Creates healthy-looking and oxygenated skin
  • Helps fight cellulite


  • Ultra-delicate micellar water is suitable for the cleansing of all skin types, even the most sensitive skin
  • Rinse well in warm water and air-dry before use
  • Double sewn for extra durability
  • Made from grained fabric suitable for deep body peeling

How to use Kessa Glove: 

Shower – before a famous Kessa glove massage, you need to wet your skin and apply Savon Noir, wait a few minutes and begin your massage while gently rinsing the skin. To finish rub some oil or body milk into the skin.

Bath – immerse your body in this pleasant bath for 15 minutes; apply a layer of black soap on wet skin. After about 10 minutes, start a massage using the famous glove. To finish rinse well and rub some oil or lotion into the skin.



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