Flower Water with Atomizer – Witch Hazel


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Our Witch Hazel Flower Water called the magic tree is extremely valued in cosmetics for its superb effects. This face toner gently reduces pores, tones, restores proper pH, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and accelerates the regeneration of irritated skin. It is an excellent remedy for refreshing and hydrating oily skin with enlarged pores. Therefore, it is an essential product to have part of your cleansing routine.

We also recommend other natural rose products available in our store.


  • Flower water brings optimal pH of the skin
  • Moisturizes and helps transport the ingredients of the other cosmetics to the deeper layer of the skin
  • It reduces redness


  • Patch testing recommended
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Great as a traveling mist companion
  • The product is suitable for all skin types, particularly for: sensitive, oily, mixed, mature, and skin with visible capillaries

How to apply: 

Directly apply to the skin as a tonic after using any face cleanser. You can add this water to your algae mask or clay mask.


Capacity: 90 ml

Ingredients: Hamamelis virginiana water


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