Rose Oil 100ml


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Our organic Rose Oil is made from virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined rose oil that comes from the extraction of small seeds of roses. Its musky rose oil is excellent for dry, mature, and adult skin. It has extremely intensive regenerative properties, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All of these properties work together to rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level. It contains retinoic acid (derivative of vitamin A) which has exfoliating properties and protects against callused skin and stimulates the synthesis of the epidermis in the affected areas. A simple treatment with our musky rose oil repairs the damage in the skin’s structure sustained during the day, ensuring your skin will be fresh, smooth and toned in the morning. This is why it’s a favorite of models like Miranda Kerr!

● Very effective in eliminating psoriasis and sunburn relief
● Musk Rose Oil contains a huge dose of vitamin C
● Protects against free radicals and protects against photo-ageing of the skin
● Rose oil recommended for skin is often exposed to sun rays or sunbeds
● Improves colour and texture
● Removes discolorations, freckles, and redness

● Patch testing recommended
● Dermatologically tested
● Recommended for post-injury scarring, acne and chicken pox marks, healed wounds, and
stretch marks
● Ideal for normal to dry skin, if oily skin mix with hydrolyte

How to Use:
For normal or dry skin use a cotton pad or fingers to apply onto the face after your moisturizer. If you want to apply it to acne or oily skin, dilute the oil with rose hydrolyte by wipe=ing your face with a cotton pad soaked with hydrolyte applied and apply onto your face.

Argan oil is considered to be an undeniable “youth elixir”, however, rose oil and avocado oil have very strong anti-ageing properties, too, and can be used interchangeably to complement your skin care and supply your skin with many great ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Ingrédients: rosa exotique
Capacity: 100ml


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