Olive Face Wash 200g

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The Olive Face Wash is a traditional Moroccan product, used for thousands of years in Arabian hammams. This is an extremely effective enzyme peeling and soap in one. It dissolves dead skin cells, removes toxins from deep layers of the skin, oxygenates, and smoothes it. Savon noir is made of crushed black olives and water, it is natural and safe also for vascular and sensitive skin.


  • Removes toxins and impurities from the deep layers of the skin
  • Dissolves dead epidermis
  • Oxygenates and deeply moisturises


  • Patch testing recommended
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all skin type especially for skin with capillaries

How to Use: 

Use as soap on the face: take a little on your dry hand, apply to moistened skin, gently massage your face , and wash it off with warm water.

As a treatment (max. twice a week) :

FACE: Remove make-up and apply a thin layer of the soap to your face, avoid eye area, and leave for 5 minutes. The product works immediately. Wet your fingertips and gently, in circular movements massage your face. Rinse thoroughly with water and apply a natural cream or oil.

Apply Savon Noir Beldi to your skin and leave as a mask for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the product will work as an enzymatic exfoliator with a strong oxygenating, detoxifying and moisturising action.

BODY: Begin your treatment with a warm bath or shower to open your skin pores. Then, proceed to gommage – a massage using circular movements on selected body parts with KESSA GLOVE (available at our store) – a fine-grained glove which enables you to remove the dissolved epidermis and stimulates the blood circulation, and as a result the skin is more supple, toned and oxygenated.

Massage one body part, rinse the Kessa glove, and proceed to the next one. Once you have completed your gommage , rinse your body and apply a natural care product , e.g., anti-cellulite or macadamia oil to your skin. The result will take your breath away from the very first application!

Warning! Avoid the eye area.


Weight: 200 g

Ingredients: aqua, potassium olivate, glycerin, benzyl alcohol

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    Best face wash you can get.

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