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Our Welcome Baby 5 package includes soap, baby cream, and a soft sponge. A baby’s skin is delicate so our care package maintains it clean and nourished. These delicate products are all naturally made with safe ingredients from ecological farms that are ICEA-AIAB certified. The body cream is made from organic olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, camomile and cornflower, distilled water, aloe vera, and rice starch. The incredible consistency of this cream makes it easily and quickly absorbable by the skin. It is rich in active ingredients that are especially recommended for delicate and sensitive skin care.

The olive soap is made from ancient recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The manufacturing site (Achinos village, near Thessaloniki) has endless olive orchards famous for their high-value oil, excellent olives, and very good wines – and it’s all thanks to the fertile soil. Only exclusively pressed olive oil from their own orchard (70%) is used to produce this soap together with cold and mineral rich spring water (21%) from a source gushing from the rocks by the Church of the St. Dimitra which dates from 1846 and sodium hydroxide (9%). The soap contains zero fragrances and artificial colouring, it has a natural delicate olive scent.

A natural sea sponge is included made from natural materials that are not harsh and gentle on baby skin. The sponge is very soft and durable. It has self-cleansing abilities so don’t worry about transferring bacteria to your baby. This is the ultimate care package for your baby, keep them healthy and clean!

Benefits of Body Cream: 

  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ability to relieve irritations and redness
  • Great for soft, delicate, and sensitive baby skin
  • Made from safe and natural ingredients

Benefits of Olive Soap: 

  • A soap perfect for everyone: small and large
  • It moisturizes, nourishes, and conditions
  • It regenerates the skin

Benefits of Sponge: 

  • Self-cleaning
  • No more cotton buds
  • Reusable

How to Use: 

Cream: Apply directly to your palms to warm it a little and activate active ingredients. Apply on the skin and massage delicately until fully absorbed.



Body Cream- organic olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, camomile and cornflower, distilled water, aloe vera, and rice starch

Soap- olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide


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