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Whole Body Shampoo Bar –

Naturally mild bar shampoo for him and her

For all hair types, for everyday use.

The shampoo bar contains one of the most delicate washing substances, thanks to which it effectively cleans the scalp and the cuticle, while not permanently increasing the hair porosity.

Shea butter cares for the hair from root to tip, restores softness and adds shine to the hair.

It protects against external factors (sun in summer, frost in winter, wind, air conditioning).

Cocoa butter has a positive effect on the scalp, regulates oily skin, fights dandruff, and conditions the hair from the inside.

Improves the appearance of the tips.

Olive oil (a treasury of valuable vitamins and valuable fatty acids) and

coconut oil (lauric acid contained in it supports the fight against hair loss, strengthens the bulbs) were added as valuable care ingredients.

Shampoo without the addition of essential oils, odorless. It is also worth trying a body wash.

ZERO WASTE Lorient bar shampoos created in accordance with the ZERO WASTE philosophy, in a plastic-free packaging, produced without wasting water. Packed in a convenient and elegant tin (use me baby one more time) or in parchment.

CONVENIENCE FIRST One of the most important advantages of using bar shampoos is convenient – you can take it on a trip around the world, put it in a cosmetic bag – it takes up a minimum amount of space and provides maximum comfort during use. It will not spill or snap an empty bottle.

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